Danube m3c Hazard Project

1. Identifiers:

  • Project acronym: Danube Hazard m3c
  • English title: Tackling hazardous substances pollution in the Danube River Basin by Mesuring, Modelling-based Management and Capacity building.
  • Title Romanian language: Fighting against pollution by hazardous substances in the Danube basin through measurement, modelling management and capacity building.
  • Project code: DTP3-2.1-299
  • Implementation period: 30 months, period 01.07.2020 – 31.12.2022
  • Funding source: project co-financed by the European Union through the Danube Transnational Programme under Priority Axis 2, Specific Objective 2.1 – Strengthen transnational water management and flood risk prevention.
  • Total budget: € 2,60 million, of which:
  • ERDF funds: €2.11 million
  • IPA II funds: €0.03 million
  • ENI-MD funds: EUR 0.06 million
  • Partnership leader: Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien).
  • Position A.N. Romanian Waters” within the project partnership: Responsible and coordinator for Technical Work Package 4 (WPT4) – Administrative capacity building and also participant in all Work Packages in the project.

2. Project objectives:

The main objective of the project is to achieve sustainable and efficient control at transnational level from the perspective of reducing water pollution by hazardous substances.

After 30 months of implementation of the Danube Hazard m3c project, we are convinced that the results obtained will contribute to:

  • improving knowledge of the pollution situation of water by priority substances and in particular identifying ways in which these substances enter the waters of the Danube river basin;
  • efficient transnational management of pollution by such substances, based on prioritised strategies and measures, analysing specific territorial issues;
  • ensuring effective management of dangerous substances in the long term, through increased institutional expertise, skills and tools, in other words, by strengthening institutional capacity.

3. Project structure:

The project includes, besides the Work Packages on Management and Communication, 4 Technical Work Packages on:

  • WPT1 – Inventory of hazardous substances (Responsible partner: Budapest University of Technology and Economics);
  • WPT2 Scenarios modelling and assessment in pilot regions (Responsible partner: Environment Agency Austria);
  • WPT3 – Transnational HS pollution assessment and recommendations (Responsible partner: International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River – ICPDR);
  • WPT4 – Administrative capacity building / Capacity building (Responsible partner: A. N. “Apele Române” / National Administration “Romanian Waters”).

4. Project partnership:

Romania, together with other states in the Danube River basin, is working hard to achieve the common goal of reducing and eliminating pollution with hazardous substances in the waters of the Danube River and its tributaries. In this context, the implementation of the international project Danube Hazard m3c started in July 2020, within a partnership of 11 specialized institutions from 9 Danube countries.

The project operates the Advisory Boarding Committee consisting of 13 Associated Strategic Partners (PSAs) from 10 Danube countries:
Further information can be found on the official website: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/danube-hazard-m3c

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