Basin Flood Defence Plans

protection against floods, ice, hydrological drought, accidents at hydrotechnical constructions and accidental pollution,
prepared by the Water Directorates within the National Administration “Romanian Waters”

Art. 1. –
The river basin defense plan is established by assembling the county defense plans regarding the information system and exploitation of hydrotechnical constructions in high water conditions and includes:

  1. the nominal tablecontaining the management of the Water Directorate and the members of the Operational Center for Emergency Situations, with addresses and telephones (fixed and mobile) from home;
  2. nominal table containing the composition of county committees for emergency situations and technical support groups – in the respective basin– telecommunications means and telephones (fixed and mobile) at work and at home of their members, so as to ensure under all conditions the communication of forecasts and warnings to county committees;
  3. table with the means of communication existingat the operative centers of the Water Directorates, Water Management Systems, territorial units of the National Administration of Land Improvements, SC HIDROELECTRICA SA, etc.;
  4. Synoptic diagramof the hydrometeorological information system throughout the river basin, including meteorological and hydrological units in the basin, county, municipal, city, communal committees and objectives to be warned directly, as well as links with the Operative Center of the National Administration “Romanian Waters”, the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management and with the Operational Center for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Environment and Water Management, as well as with neighbouring water directorates and water bodies in neighbouring countries;
  5. map of the hydrometeorological information system, drawn up at a scale of 1:200,000 or 1:100,000, which includes all hydrotechnical facilities that may produce floods or have a defense role, location of hydrometric and pluviometric stations and posts;
  6. the list of hydrometric stations in the national network and operationon each watercourse, from the top of the basin to the mouth, with their characteristic defence quantities, inscribed in the following order: warning station, followed by local stations warned indicating the objectives for which they were set, the correlation between them;
  7. rules of coordinated operation during high water with indication of restrictions in the operation of hydrotechnical systems. The operating rules on each watercourse, from the basin peak to the mouth, or to the frontier, from frontier to mouth, as appropriate, shall be mentioned (rules for the operation of permanent and non-permanent accumulations existing on that course, regardless of the holder, including in cases of damage, indicating the alarm means available at the dam and downstream, ice mining rules). Restrictions on the operation of high-water drainage systems, directed flooding zones, as well as the operation of existing derivations shall be indicated;
  8. extracts from regulations on flood protectioncaused by watercourses forming or crossed by a border, as well as regulations on the transmission of meteorological and hydrological data and information in frontier zones;
  9. limnimetric gorges for each hydrometricstation, correlation graphs between zonal and local defense sizes;
  10. longitudinal profileson water courses containing the talweg line, the bank line at medium flows, free water surface curves at characteristic probabilities (1%, 5% and 10%) with the positioning of existing hydrometric posts and hydrometric constructions;
  11. list of floodplainable objectives, indicating local and zonal defense quotas (tabular);
  12. plan for preventing and combating accidental pollution;
  13. plan for restrictions and use of water in times of scarcity;

Art. 2. – Defense plans on river basins are drawn up by the Water Directorates, verified by the National Administration “Romanian Waters” and approved by the Ministerial Committee for Emergency Situations.