Electronic petition submission

    What is a petition?

    Article 51 of the Romanian Constitution provides that citizens and legally constituted organizations have the right to address public authorities through petitions. This right is regulated in detail by GO nr. 27/2002.

    Petition means the request, complaint, notification or proposal formulated in writing or by electronic mail, which a citizen or a legally constituted organization may address to public authorities and institutions. Petitions shall be submitted on their own behalf or, in the case of organisations, on behalf of the collectives they represent.


    Do not use the online petitions form for inter-institutional communication or communication carried out within a specific legal framework (e.g. sending addresses, correspondence regarding the development of contractual relations, requests for views on legal regulations, administrative litigation). For these types of requests, please use the data in section


    of the site.

    Resolution of petitions

    The National Administration “Apele Romane” has the obligation to solve your petition, as a rule, within 30 days, with the possibility of extending this deadline by no more than 15 days. If your petition it is not within ANAR’s competence, it will be redirected to the competent institutions. You can find out more about ANAR competences by consulting our



    If a petitioner addresses to the same public authority or institution several petitions, notifying the same problem, they will be joined, the petitioner will receive a single answer that must refer to all petitions received. If, after sending the reply, a new petition is received from the same petitioner or from an erroneously notified public authority or institution, with the same content, it shall be classified, at the initial number, mentioning that it was answered.


    According to art. 7 of Government Ordinance no. 27/2002 with subsequent amendments and completions, “Anonymous petitions or those in which the identification data of the petitioner are not entered shall not be taken into account and shall be classified, according to this ordinance.” As a result, please fill in your identification and contact details so that your petition can be considered and the response can be sent to you within the legal deadline.

    Also, illegible petitions, those in which the object of the request is not clear, as well as those containing insults and denigrating expressions against the institution or its employees, are classified.