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The preliminary versions of the updated Flood Risk Management Plans (PMRI), carried out within the RO-FLOODS project, are under public consultation!

They are made available to any interested person on the project website – , by accessing

The plans are developed for the period 2022-2027, at the level of each Basin Water Administration, as well as of the Danube River (12 PMRI), for the Second Cycle of Implementation of the Floods Directive and contain combinations of structural/non-structural measures, green measures and infrastructure safety, based on scenarios that take into account the impact of climate change and its effect on flood risk reduction. Also, the measures were prioritized based on cost-benefit analysis and multi-criteria analysis, according to the methodologies developed within the project.

In the process of updating the Flood Risk Management Plans, comments and comments received from the public play a particularly important role and, in this regard, the e-mail address is made available:

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The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests (MMAP) in partnership with the National Administration “Romanian Waters” (ANAR) develops, with the support of the World Bank, the project “Strengthening the central public capacity in the field of water in order to implement stages 2 and 3 of cycle II of the Floods Directive 2007/60/EC -SIPOCA 734”, in short ROFLOODS.

The specialists of the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests and those of the National Administration “Romanian Waters” identified, during the two cycles of implementation of the Floods Directive, 511 areas with potential flood risk corresponding to a length of about 20,000 km of river sectors.

Thus, to date:

  • topobatimetric measurements were made;
  • the numerical model for the field was completed;
  • Information was collected on potential damage. These are the basis for hydraulic modelling and flood hazard and risk maps.
  • the technical screening stage for drawing up the new Flood Risk Management Plans for the next 6 years has started.

The Flood Risk Management Plans developed based on the flood hazard and risk maps for the 11 Water Basin Administrations are strategic documents that will contain the list of flood risk management measures and will be correlated with the responsibilities of all authorities involved according to the Flood Risk Management Strategy approved at legislative level. They will also be working tools for local and central authorities and will play an important role in ensuring future urban development.